Secrets for The Tastiest Whipped Mashed Potato

Secrets for The Tastiest Whipped Mashed Potato

Thanksgiving is coming fast, as well as Christmas. And one of the best dishes to welcome those days is absolutely whipped mashed potato. No, this recipe is not like the other mashed potato recipe you got from others. There are some secrets that help you making this recipe more special. All you have to do is following everything said down here.The Tastiest Whipped Mashed Potato

What Are the Secrets?

  • You must cook your russet potatoes whole, not chopped since russet potatoes are starchy. They will be filled with water or fall apart when they’re boiled. Boiling this way will require some extra minutes but it is the best way.
  • Do not skimp when it is about the butter. Less butter is okay but the taste is way much better with more butter.
  • Soften the butter, don’t melt it. Softened butter adds different flavor to your potatoes.
  • Hot milk is going to keep your potatoes warm. Also, hot milk will incorporate easily into your potatoes.
  • To get smoothest mashed potatoes, use stand mixer or any electric mixer.
  • At ending, salt your potatoes. It is going to keep them together when you cook them.

Why This Mashed Potato Is Highly Recommended?

One reason why people love this recipe is its simplicity. Yes, it can be made easily and don’t take too much time. But there’s another thing that makes people love this recipe: this mashed potato can be kept warm inside the slow cooker. Before dinner, you just have to get the mashed potato out of slow cooker and it will be instantly ready. There’s no need to cook the potato before dinner.The Tastiest Whipped Mashed Potato

Simplest but Tastiest Whipped Mashed Potato Recipe

Cuisine                         : American food

Course                          : Side dish, dinner, lunch

Keyword                       : mashed potato, whipped mashed potato, mashed potato recipe

Calories                        : 401 kcal

Total Time                     : 40 minutes

Cooking Time                : 25 minutes

Preparation Time           : 15 minutes

Servings                       : 8 servings as side dish


  • 12 medium sized (4lbs) russet potatoes, peel them
  • 2 sticks of your favorite brand unsalted butter, softened not melted
  • 1¼ cup of hot whole milk or other milk you prefer
  • 1½ teaspoon of sea salt or other salt you want to taste the mashed potato
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh chives or parsley, chop finely to garnish your whipped mashed potato


  1. Cut your peeled potatoes that are very large into half. Drown your potatoes using cold water inside big sized cooking pot. Boil your potatoes then cook them partially covered. Boil your potatoes for twenty-five minutes until your knife can easily pierce them.
  2. Drain potatoes well, transfer them to bowl of stand mixer. Mash potatoes using your whisk attachment. Mash them by your hand lightly and break everything up. Then use your mixer on the low speed for about thirty second and increase the speed to medium. Drizzle in your hot milk slowly to the potatoes.
  3. While still mixing using mixer, add a tablespoon of softened butter. Add another tablespoon after few seconds. Your potatoes are going to be fluffy and whipped. Add 1½ teaspoon of the salt or more to add taste. Now you can serve the whipped mashed potato.

Do not skip the tips shared before the recipe. It is the secret you will need for most satisfying mashed potatoes dish.

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