Easy and Tasty Garlic Butter Chicken Tenderloin Recipe

Chicken tender always be the best food for you to enjoy the real taste of juicy cuisine. You can create your own creation with chicken tenderloin recipe including the sauce, style, and dressing. Most people have different method for making the best tender recipe and you may try this best garlic butter sauce. There is something special you can find with this borderless cuisine where everyone would love to try.chicken tenderloin recipe

The recipe will be made with garlic, spices on skillet, and butter that would be juicy and tasty. You do not need to spend a lot of time while trying to cook this recipe in 15 minutes. It is one of the best foods to serve for you and your family during rush hours.

Knowing What is Chicken Tenderloin

Even not everyone would love to eat chicken breast, but it is the best part for having a tasty flavor on your cuisine. It has different characteristic than any other parts of the chicken but also quite easy to made with any style. Thus, chicken tender made with breast that should provide you tasty but also juicy sensation. The chicken tendon and fat are located on the breast that is able to increase the taste.

You will never feel bored once you wanted to make some new creation with your tenderloin chicken. People would love to eat this tender part of chicken for making stripes, fingers, fillets, breaded, baked, and fried. Particularly, chicken tenderloin recipe will be made with fried, breaded, baked and stipes style. It would provide better taste and would not destroy every parts of the meat.

How to Cook Perfect Chicken Tender?

  1. Cook in a skillet

Preparing for serving chicken tender is not hard to practice and you only need small steps to do. You need to cook with skillet for better result that would make it taste juicy. You can make it with some spices, salt, garlic butter, lemon, and adding some traditional herb. The taste of herb would make the chicken smells better and tasteful in your mouth, basil would be perfect to try.

  1. Well-seasoned and deep-fried style

Making some deep-fried food would provides you fatty but also savory taste. It would be better to apply for your chicken tender that should be juicy and spoiling your mouth. Thus, well-seasoned tender meat will support the taste for you to cook this with an extra ingredient. Besides, most of the chicken tender ingredient can be found easily.

  1. Put a perfect heat

The key for having a perfection while cooking chicken tenderloin recipe is to put a good heat on the stove. The heat would give an impact into the juiciness, savory, and crunchy taste for breaded chicken tender. You would have perfect cuisine for your lunch and dinner menus, do not forget to apply some sauce.

  1. Overcook will ruin the taste

Overcooked food will always be stressful yet hard to fixed. That is why, once you want to cook some chicken tender do not ever let it stay on the skillet for too long. The flavor would be disappeared and you would not have some juicy meat instead.

  1. Skillet are always better for tender

You have to cook on the iron skillet that would provide you juicy and tender result. Try to retains the heat really well if you do not want to let it overcooked. High heat would help you to make it tender and faster for having golden brown color from the outside. As it would have a juicy and savory taste inside for your amazing dinner and lunch.

  1. Adding some sour

The sour taste would help every food to combine all the taste inside. Thus, you would need to add some lemon juice to the chicken as it would provide an extra juicy result.

  1. Eat every part of tender

Basically, you may eat everything on the chicken parts and make it based on your creation. Every chicken breast has a tender part and fats that most people would have different perspective. Some of them would love to eat everything including the tendon. Besides, the taste of tendon is so good and you have to try for having some of them on your cuisine.

There is a lot of ways for you to cook the trim, one of them is to cut off the tendon with a knife or scissors before cooking. You will be amaze with the result, it has a chewy but also tasteless sensation in your mouth. Try to avoid pulling off the tendon by your hand that would stripe away all the tendon. As the result, all the chicken tender will be fall apart and you would not let it happen.

Step to Cook Chicken Tender Recipes

chicken tenderloin recipe 1

Course: Main Course

Cuisine: Chicken Tenderloin

Keyword: Chicken tenderloin recipe

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes.

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes.

Total Time Needed: 15 Minutes.

Serving: 3 people

Calories: 113cal


  • 4 tbs unsalted butter, put in a room temperature.
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika.
  • 3-4 cloves garlic, minced all of them.
  • 3 dashes of cayenne powder.
  • Prepare 1 lb chicken tender.
  • 1 tbs parsley, chopped.
  • Salt and sugar to taste.
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning, or you can use an organic product.
  • ½ tsp lemon juice.
  • Put some lemon wedges.

Cooking instruction:

  1. Start to season your chicken tender with some smoked paprika and paper.
  2. Heat up the skillet on high heat, try to add 3tbs of butter until it melts and sizzle.
  3. Add the chicken tender, cook for 2 minutes then turn over.
  4. Try to push the chicken tender to the side of skillet. Add another 1tbs of butter, minced garlic, and other seasoning on the skillet.
  5. On top of the chicken tender, try to add some Italian seasoning and stir with the garlic.
  6. You may add some salt to taste, lemon juice and continue to cook until it tender on both sides.
  7. After you have done with all steps, try to add the chopped parsley and stir. Do not forget to turn off the heat and serve this special chicken tenderloin recipe.
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