Tasty Crawfish Boil Recipe

Tasty Crawfish Boil Recipe

Using simple ingredient is the best idea for you to start cooking during rush hour. Not everyone would have time to cook at home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is why, you can try to use this crawfish boil recipe with simple ingredient yet tasty. However, it is not easy to someone who have just try to make this cuisine without any guidance and instruction.

There is a lot of steps you have to do start from cleaning the fresh crawfish, seasoning, sauce, and the way you boil everything. You have to know once you set the temperature on your stove, it would give an impact to the taste. Besides, you can have new cooking inspiration with this recipe to enjoy with family and friends.

What is Crawfish Boil?

  1. Oriental cuisine from New Orleans

Known as the best cuisine from New Orleans, many people started to get addicted with this food. It has perfect taste also amazing seasoning ingredient that would spoil your mouth. On the other hand, if you planned to cook this amazing food at home, you have to use fresh crawfish rather than the overnight seafood. There is a lot of creation you can have with this tasteful ingredient for your lunch and dinner.

  1. Perfect food to combine with another ingredient

You may add other ingredient such as Cajun and Louisiana seasoning, sausage, chicken pop, corn, and other tasteful stuff. However, you should try to avoid the use of strong ingredient that would replace the taste of crawfish. Thus, for having strong combination you can try to add some squeezed lime to your crawfish boil recipe.

  1. Best food to enjoy during summer

Everyone would love to go for a vacation during summer with family or friends. Now, you do not need to get stressed with the food as long as you have all the best recipes on your pocket. Most people would prepare for a large portion where you can enjoy with friends and family. If you want to add more portion, try to combine all ingredients with other seafood such as crab or octopus.

Serving this food in a big pot would be amazing where everyone can do the self-serve and enjoy all the stuff inside. Learning how to cook this cuisine step by step would be important to make sure if you can have better taste. Your spring and summer season would be different and feels incredible with better food.

  1. It is a part of lobster

Among other seafoods that is look alike with shrimp, many people called crawfish as a part of lobster. They are still family and the different is they are living in a fresh water rather than to stay in the ocean. Besides, they are also quite tiny to be called as lobster but almost have the same taste. They had red shells after cooking that would increase your mood to eat them all.

Step to Boil the Crawfish

  • Prepare the tools

Crawfish are quite easy to cook once you want to boil them and prepare to cook. For the first time, you have to make sure if you already cleaned them up and move all dirt out. Prepare a pot with deep enough water that should cover all of the shellfish. It will take some times to cook around 8 to 10 minutes to boil them. You can use Dutch oven that would be able to cover your crawfish with full water.

  • How long do you boil the crawfish?

Since a crawfish have shells on their bodies, it would take time to make sure if all the inside were cooked. Thus, you need to make sure if the time was right to stop boiling also not overcooked. For having a well-done crawfish, it will take 3-4 minutes until it done and you may need to check. Even for some shrimp or crawfish, the meat will start to cooked once the shells turn red.

  • Boiling frozen crawfish

Before you put them in a pot and ready to boil, make sure that you thaw them at room temperature for 5 minutes. After you finish to thaw them, start to boil for 1 minute once they already cooked. There is a lot of crawfish type you can find outside, whether you want to have a frozen or fresh one.

How to Cook Crawfish Boil Recipe?

crawfish boilCourse: Main Course

Cuisine: Crawfish Boil

Keyword: Crawfish Boil Recipe

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes.

Cooking Time: 40 Minutes.

Total Time Needed: 1 hour.

Serving: 6 people

Calories: 317cal


  • Red potatoes chopped.
  • Lemon.
  • Corn.
  • Garlic.
  • Smoked sausage.
  • Fresh or frozen crawfish.
  • Prepare for other seasonings stuff.

Seasoning ingredient:

Adding some Creole flavor and Spicy Cajun are the best seasoning ingredient for having tasty crawfish cuisine. You need to prepare all the ingredient that is easy to find and simple to mixed.

  • Prepare for Louisiana Crawfish, Crab and other seafood boil to mix. It is easy to find in the nearest supermarket for this ingredient.
  • Add Bottled Cajun to taste as you like.
  • If you like sour, you may add bottled lemon and pepper seasoning.

Cooking instruction and how to eat:

  1. You need to boil the crawfish as the instruction above, once you have done put all the ingredient inside.
  2. However, you need to taste everything and make sure if it has a good taste.
  3. The best way to serve this food is to put them on the big bowl or pot.
  4. Besides, you can still restore them on the fridge for the next day as long as you warmed it again. This is one of the best crawfish boil recipe that you can apply at home.
  5. The first step you should do is pulling off the head of this crawfish. Once you have done, you can enjoy every part of this cuisine without wasting your time.
  6. The next step you have to do is peeling the shell and do not forget to start from the back. It can make sure if you do not break the meat of this crawfish.

Enjoying the head of this crawfish would be tasty since it has the liver inside. You can try to put it in your mouth and feel some creamy sensation. Opening the head of this crawfish is not easy and you need an extra time to do it. besides, It tasted like Sea Urchin at the same time yet savory and tasty.

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