Recommended Chapati Recipe That Has Been Tested

Recommended Chapati Recipe That Has Been Tested

Recommended Chapati RecipeIf you’re looking for a nice food from another country, you have to try making your own chapati. Chapati is a name of flat bread comes from India. It is a nice bread made of wheat flour that is healthy for your family. People in India love chapati a lot. It is truly famous since it is totally easy to made. Interested to try making your own chapati? Find the best and easiest chapati recipe down here.

Among so many recipes out there, why should you try this one? One reason is because this recipe was shared by an Indian friend. Everything that comes from the native has been tested so you can trust it. Besides, this recipe has also been practiced. And that’s why the recipe here is recommended. You might want to enjoy this bread with some other Indian foods like tandoori chicken or samosa.

Some Ways to Make Healthier Chapatis

Like many other healthy foods, chapati also contains a bunch of nutrients that are good for your health. You can even make healthier chapati yourself.

  • First, you can mix the chapati dough with chopped vegetables that have been cooked such as carrot, beans, or spinach. Veggies are always good for you, right?
  • Another healthier way to enjoy chapati is eating it with no oil or ghee.
  • And the third way to make your chapati much healthier is adding some pearl millet, chickpea flour, or soya bean flour to your wheat flour before making chapati. Those flour makes your chapati becomes more nutritious.

Now you can enjoy the healthiest chapati served with chicken biryani or chutney together. Chapati will also be better when it is served with nihari, chicken vindaloo, or butter chicken.

Some people might love to make their own chapati using refined wheat. But if you want healthier chapati, don’t be like them. Use flour made of whole wheat instead of the refined wheat since whole wheat is much healthier. If you’re on a diet and want to lose some weight, you’ll love chapati since its calories are less than other foods’ calories, especially if you don’t add butter and oil to your chapati.

Various Types of Chapati from India

In India, there are different chapatis you should try. Below are some of them.

  • Paneer chapati

To make this chapati, you have to add grated paneer to your chapati dough. In India, this chapati is also known as Paneer Paratha (Paratha itself means stuffed bread or stuffed chapati).

  • Mullangi chapati

This chapati is also known as radish chapati. Make this kind of chapati by adding turmeric powder and grated radish to your chapati dough. Unlike the other dough, this chapati dough usually is thicker. Indian people are used to call this chapati as Mooli Paratha.

  • Vegetable stuffed chapati

Unlike the previous chapatis, this one usually is served rolled. It is filled with mashed potato, carrot, fenugreek, and peas that are sautéed into masala gravy. You’re free to prepare your own chapati using your favorite vegetables combinations.

  • Aloo paratha

This one is a chapati that’s stuffed with some boiled onions and potato. This one comes from Northern India. Eat this aloo paratha with curd and pickle. During winter, there are also some other famous parathas including Gobhi paratha that is cauliflower stuffed chapati.

Which one do you want to try first? Besides the chapatis up there, there is also Phulka, a Gujarati chapati that’s thinner than usual chapatis. In Afghanistan, chapati is called doday or sapati. Try to enjoy chapati with egg roast or the other western foods to see how it tastes.

Everyone’s Favorite Chapati Recipe

Chapati Recipe

Course              : Staple Food

Cuisine             : Indian

Keyword           : chapati recipe

Prep Time         : 15 minutes

Cook Time        : 10 minutes + 1-hour additional time

Total Time         : 1 hour and 25 minutes

Servings           : 10 to 12 chapatis

Calories            : 68 calories per serving


  • 2 cups of wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 tablespoons of wheat flour to roll and dust your flat bread


  1. Sieve your wheat flour then add some salt to the flour and make sure everything is well mixed. Place your flour in big bowl then add only ¾ cup of water. Stir your dough gently using your hand in circular motion. Keep doing until your flour starts gathering. Add about two tablespoons of wheat flour if your dough becomes too sticky. Add extra water for dough that’s too firm.
  2. Knead your dough until it turns pliable and soft and not sticky. Put a bit oil on hand while you knead your dough. Cover your dough using plastic wrap then leave it for an hour at the room temperature. You sure can save your dough in the fridge but leave it in room temperature first before you continue cooking it.
  3. Heat your griddle on medium high. Then separate your dough into up to twelve dough balls. Focus on every dough ball. Roll your dough ball on flour then flatten the ball a little bit using your hands. Roll the flatten ball using rolling pin. If your dough still sticks to surface, you need to dust that surface with extra flour.
  4. Cook your chapati on hot griddle for around thirty seconds until the little golden dots start appearing on your chapati’s surface. Flip the bread over then cook for another thirty seconds. Now flip over the chapati once more then it will start puffing up. Use your kitchen towel to press your puffy chapati gently in order to flatten bread from air.
  5. Place your chapati on serving plate. It will be tastier with a little ghee or butter. Serve and enjoy your chapati immediately.

Aren’t you interested to make your own chapati through the tested chapati recipe above? Don’t worry, if you couldn’t create puff ball when cooking your chapati, you still can enjoy the most delicious chapati ever. Be brave in making your own Indian flat bread and don’t be afraid to be failed since you’re going to need some more practices until you can make puffy chapatis.

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