Marble Cake Recipe

Marble Cake Recipe

One of the unique cake that always popular in bakery or cafe is a marble cake. It has soft texture with chocolate irregular spiral all over it. The combination of vanilla and chocolate will spoil your taste as spending time to relax the day or have mini party at home. Here are some cooking tips, how to make it perfect, and the things you need.Marble Cake Recipe

Ingredients Selection

  1. The butter

Butter has the big influence of the taste of cake. If you use the salted one, the cake will be salty yet sweet. It’s quite weird taste for the cake, right? Choose the unsalted one for the recipe. You have control whether it’s gonna be little bit salty by adding some salt or not.

Some butter also has the hard texture. If you have one, cut them into mini cubes and place them on a bowl. It needs ten minutes to be softer, after that you can mix it with sugar. The hard texture will be hard to blend with other ingredients, especially sugar. If it’s so, the cream texture won’t be good and you’ll fail the cake.

  1. Flour type

The marble cake should have moist texture. Though you can use all-purpose flour, the best one is flour with low protein. In the market, sometimes it’s called the cake flour. Don’t use the high protein like the one for baking the bread. The texture will be hard and the result won’t be delicious.

  1. The pan

There’s no rule about which pan you should use. If you want to make small packages, try the mini pan. The regular pan is also okay, as long as it’s 5×9 inches. It’s the standard one to make the cake bigger beautifully in the oven.

  1. The baking powder

Baking powder is a must, especially for the chocolate batter one. The cocoa powder makes the batter harder. If you don’t mix the baking powder, it won’t raise during the baking. Usually, the small amount baking powder will help. But use the rules 2 percent of flour to add this material.

  1. The chocolate

Some cocoa powder has bitter taste. If you don’t like how it tastes, yoou can try the chocolate bar. But before mixing it to the cream, you need slice them into pieces so it goes well. Or else, you can boil the chocolate so you only need to pour them into the mixer bowl.

Baking Tips

  1. The duration of making cream

Actually, there’s not any fix time to mix sugar and butter under the mixer. If it has been yellowish, then it is. You need to stop if it looks too creamy and the color is white rather than yellow. Though it won’t affect the taste, the cream will make a big differences in its texture after baking.

  1. Greasing the pan

Grease the pan with some butter, not the oil. Butter will make the result better and tasty. The otherwise, oil will make the marble cake look over greasy after baking. Though oil will ease the cake separate from the pan, but the appearance and taste become worse.

  1. Covering with aluminum foil

This kind of material is needed, especially if the top of cake is brown, but it’s still wet in the middle. Aluminum foil will help the cake cooked well. The baking time is usually 40 minutes. You can place the foil 10 minutes before it’s cooked.

  1. Let it cool down

Be more patient before enjoying your cake. You may need 30 minutes to wait after the pan is out from the oven. If you remove the cake immediately from the pan, it still sticks and hard to be removed. Slicing the cake after it’s out from oven is forbid. The cake is still wet and you’ll make the mess of the texture.

The Recipe of Marble Cake

Marble Cake RecipeCourse   : Appetizers

Cuisine  : Baking

Preparation time : 15 minutes

Cook time  : 40 minutes

Total time : 55 minutes

Servings  : 5-6 people

Calories : 373 per serving


  • 200 gram of low protein flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 4 chicken eggs (choose the large ones)
  • 200 gram or a cup of sugar
  • 250 gram of unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate powder
  • 4 tablespoons of whole milk


  1. Prepare the flour and baking powder, then mix them together. After that, take the sieve and put them together so that the particles get finer. Add ½ teaspoons of salt. Set it aside.
  2. Prepare your mixer to mix sugar and butter. You may need about 15 minutes until the color is yellowish. Add an egg, then mix for 5 minutes. Add another egg until 4 eggs are added.
  3. After the texture is creamy, add the vanilla extract and also the mixed flour at the first step. Mix well using the mixer as adding the whole milk that you’ve prepared.
  4. The batter is usually divided into two portion. Take a half of it and then stir them well after add the chocolate powder. Meanwhile another portion is placed on the baking pan. Make sure the pan has been greased by the butter. Shake them well until it distributes properly all over the pan.
  5. Add the chocolate batter into the pan, right in the middle. Make a spiral pattern using the knife. Do it gently so the both batters won’t mix each other.
  6. Preheat your oven at least 375 F. Put in the pan into the oven for about 40 minutes. You can see the top of the cake. If it’s golden brown, then it’s cooked.
  7. Sometimes the top of cake has already been brown, but the cake hasn’t done yet. You can use the cake tester and place it in the middle. If the result is wet, you need to bake longer.
  8. If you need more time to bake longer but the top has been brown, cover the top with aluminum foil. Wait it until 10 minutes.
  9. Cool it down before it’s sliced and served.

It is easy to bake the marble cake, isn’t it? This cake will last up to three day in the fridge and a day at the room temperature. Since the texture is moist, it’s likely if bacteria will damage the cake sooner than any other cakes. If you use the best quality ingredients, the taste won’t change in days.


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