Low Carb Philly Cheese Steak Bowl

Sandwich is one of the most famous foods in the world, where everyone would love to eat without any hesitation. One of the different things from one to another sandwich is the ingredient, while other often put some creation inside. The low carb Philly cheese steak bowl known as the best western food in the world. Most people would love to eat the sandwich for breakfast and lunch.

Philly cheese steak are often serving with a lot of meat and cheese inside, either you wanted to doubled the ingredient inside. Since you are about to create a Philly cheese steak bowl using a low-carb ingredient, means you cannot use a lot of bread or cheese inside. Fortunately, the way to create this low carb cheese steak is not different than other kind of sandwich.

Low Carb Philly Cheese steak Bowl

Low Carb Philly Cheese Steak Bowl Introduction

  1. Beef or chicken steak

The Philly cheese steak are often serving with the use of chicken or beef steak. On the other hand, people seem improvise everything on the dish, such as put some of the seafood or herbs for having a better taste. The beef or chicken steak were cooked really well with several seasoning process. You may create your own version once you wanted to try to make one of them.

  1. Cheesy food

Not everyone would love to eat cheese, while the Philly cheese steak is actually need cheese for better taste. No wonder why, there is a lot of people said if this cuisine is one of the cheesy food or sandwiches. Fortunately, people are quite smart in creating every innovation to make sure if the carbs inside of this steak can be reduce. It is can be helpful to anyone who wanted to live healthy or are in diet.

  1. Coming from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

The name of this food representing the way it is coming from, Philly cheese steak does come from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania United States. Most of the region, cities, and restaurant in the US are often serving this food for breakfast or lunch. Everyone who consume this food should feel incredible with tasty cheese and seasoning from the meat in every portion.

How to Make the Dish?

  1. Ingredient preparation:

  • 6 mushrooms halved.
  • Lower sodium beef broth ½ cups.
  • Prepare for Salt and pepper.
  • Worcestershire sauce around 2 tbs.
  • Lean ground beef grass 1 pound.
  • Olive oil 1 tsp.
  • 2 onions medium size.
  • Green bell peppers.
  • Provolone cheese 4 slices.
  1. Cooking instruction:

  • Prepare non-stick skillet and brown the ground beef on it.
  • You can start to draining the fat from skillet, at the same time add broth and Worcestershire sauce onto the beef.
  • Keep cooking on a medium heat and wait until the liquid is totally absorbed. Add salt and pepper for the beef to taste.
  • Once you finish, start to turn the heat off and you can try to arrange the cheese slices over the ground beef. During this process, you need to cover the pan and allowing the cheese to melt.
  • While waiting, you can start to cut onion and peppers then place them into a medium bowl. You may improve the taste by adding up mushrooms and toss with 1 tsp olive oil, try to sprinkle using salt and pepper.
  • Try to grill all vegies on the medium heat and wait until tender or crisp. For a simple tip, you can roast the vegies inside the oven for 15 minutes with 400 degrees.
  • You can divide the veggie between 4 bowls.

Low Carb Philly Cheese steak Bowl 1

What is the Best to Serve with?

  1. Seafood

Improving the taste of some food should be amazing, as you can create everything based on your desire. Once you wanted to try to cook the low carbs Philly steak, adding some seafood inside should be better. The taste would be amazing as you can smell the seafood inside this amazing sandwich. It is one of the creations once you find it is boring for you to eat chicken and beef every day.

  1. Wine and champagne

Some of the dishes are better to consume with specific beverages. Thus, the Philly cheese steak are the one that is delicious to consume either with wine or champagne. You can choose between one of them once you choose them for your meal. However, if you keep continuing eating the same way it should be worse to your health.

  1. Basil

Adding some herbs inside of your sandwich is not a weird thing to do. Except it is quite healthy to consume, herbs such as basil also delicious to consume. Basil have some taste that is the same with mint, which can make your food taste even better than a regular Philly cheese steak. You can find basil everywhere in the store with a cheap price and amazing benefits.

  1. Chips and fries

If you want to try something new, eating this sandwich with chips and fries would be tasty. Unfortunately, it would give an impact to the scale of nutrition which the carbs should be higher. Most people say if they can be able to eat this cuisine without any chips and fries because it has a huge bread to eat.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts is one of the important parts to know about some food. Fortunately, the low carb Philly cheese steak bowl is one of the best foods to consume. Except it is quite tasty, the food can be able to provide you better health if you put the right ingredient.

  • Calories 385kcal.
  • Protein 32g.
  • Sugar 6g.
  • Cholesterol 90mg.
  • Serving 1g.
  • Carbs 13g.
  • Fat 11g.
  • Sodium 390mg.
  • Fiber 3g,

Eating low carbs might help you to afford healthy life and diet. Sometimes, people pick the wrong decision while they are eating a low carbo food, including to put a too much protein that is worse for diet. The low carb Philly cheese steak bowl might help you to keep on track during diet. You can follow every steps, recipes, and ingredients inside to make sure if everything is under control.

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