Grilled Zucchini Hummus Recipe

Once you lived in the western country, there must be a lot of type of sandwich you may found. From several other sandwich, Zucchini are the best menus to choose. Particularly, there is a lot of different ways to create this special dish including a grilled Zucchini hummus recipe. Some of you might question why do we need to add humus on the recipe while you can also add other type of sauce.

Hummus is one type of sauce which can be found in some of the Middle Eastern dishes, while Zucchini is a type of cucumber made in Japan. In some places, Zucchini are quite expensive price since it should be imported from Japan. Means while you are cooking this sandwich it should be something special to consume. Fortunately, there is a lot of Asian stores in western countries providing this cucumber.

Grilled Zucchini Hummus

What is Grilled Zucchini Hummus?

  1. Food with the main ingredient of Japanese cucumber

You must find Zucchini not only in Japan, country such as Europe often preparing some dish with this cucumber inside. However, once you want to cook this kind of sandwich using another cucumber, that is still possible even with the different taste. Zucchini has bigger size and different texture rather than other cucumber you can find at store. Thus, it is making the zucchini price is even higher than other.

  1. Special sauce from Mid-East

Most country in this world would have a different taste of sauce, including the Middle East that would have this Hummus sauce. Some of you might find a lot of relative ingredient that can be found in other sauce as the same with Hummus. However, the way to make the sauce creating a different taste once you try to eat them. Hummus should have a quite tasteful and creamy taste which melted in your mouth.

  1. Type of sandwich

At the first sight, you must find grilled zucchini hummus is a type of sandwich that is covered with tortilla. No wonder, there is a lot of people called this zucchini sandwich are coming from Latin states. In fact, this ingredient and recipe often being used by people from Mid-Eastern country. Hummus as the name of the sauce you can find almost all across the eastern part of the world.

How to Make the Dish?

  1. Ingredient preparation:

  • 2 large tortillas, you can use gluten free for better health.
  • Sliced red onion 1/8 cup.
  • 1 tbs olive oil.
  • 1 zucchini, you can remove the ends and sliced.
  • Kale, 1 cup with the stems removed.
  • Sliced tomato, suggested to use cherry tomatoes.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • 4 tbs hummus.
  • White cheddar or you can use chipotle gouda cheese 2 slices.
  1. Cooking instruction:

  • Preheat the skillet or you can use grill into the medium heat.
  • Once you prepare for the ingredient, make sure if the ends of zucchini already removed then slice them wisely into strips.
  • Prepare an olive oil, salt, and pepper to sprinkle and toss the sliced of zucchini.
  • After you finish with the seasoning process, you can try to place them directly on the grill. Let them cook around 3 minutes and turn another side to cook 2 more minutes.
  • You can set the Zucchini aside.
  • Prepare the grill then put tortillas on it, wait one minute or just make sure if the tortilla is already cooked or pliable.
  • Once you have done with tortillas, remove from the grill and assemble wraps, humus 2 tbs, cheese 1 slice only, zucchini slices, tomato slices, onion slices, and ½ cup kale.
  • Wrap everything tightly so you can enjoy nicely.

Grilled Zucchini Hummus 1

Facts About Grilled Zucchini Hummus

  1. Healthy food to enjoy

You can find a lot of type of sandwich in every country, such as zucchini sandwich with tasty hummus inside. The sauce is also made of several ingredients that is quite healthy and good for diet. That is why, it should be better for you to consume this meal as one of the healthy foods to enjoy.

  1. Simple to make

Most people are afraid to improvise everything they need in one food. However, if you can compare making the zucchini sandwich is way easy than other type of food. You can make it as a perfect meal in the office since it is quite simple to make.

  1. The famous Western food

Even that zucchini is not actually coming from western country, this vegetable is way famous in this region. You can find many restaurants serving this food with a lot of unique dishes name. Country such as Europe are often serving this zucchini for salad.

What is the Best to Serve?

  1. Red wine and champagne

Since grilled zucchini hummus is a type of sandwich or tortilla, means it would be better if you can enjoy with red wine or champagne. People today tends to enjoy this food for their lunch as one of the simple dishes to consume. Except, the price for this food are quite cheap once you can find them in several food truck. You can also create or make it by yourself at home with an easy and simple step.

  1. Fruit salad

There is a lot of people saying that zucchini is a small portion of sandwich, they are also tend to need more food to consume. That is why, it would be better once you prepare for this food at the same time you are also serving a fruit salad. People are going to love it, since you can also put the Hummus inside the salad for better taste.

  1. Tea and coffee

Enjoying your meal during the day at night should be important to consume with tea and coffee. However, you need to be very careful once you want to consume both of this beverages, make sure if your stomach is not empty which can protect your belly.

Making a special grilled zucchini hummus would be challenging to someone who do not have any experience. However, once you try to make one of them it should be easy for the next step. You can even improvise the ingredient inside while making this special sandwich. One of the special part of this sandwich is you are not going to use any bread either to use tortilla as cover.

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