Special Creamy Farfalle Pasta Receipt

Wants to have a different taste of pasta every day? Creamy farfalle pasta should be one of the best options to try. Almost everyone in this world would love to eat pasta for their lunch and dinner, with many different toppings inside. However, most of them do not know if there is a lot of pasta which divers with different taste, size, and sauce. You may also want to add another topping on your pasta.

Farfalle Pasta Recipet

What is Farfalle Pasta?

Coming from Italy, farfalle well known as a creamy pasta with many different seasonings inside. You can make it either a healthy, creamy, or savory taste which can diver by the way you cook it. However, cooking pasta every day is not a good option, since it is consisting a lot of calorie and gaining too much weight for your body. Thus, choosing some specific ingredient would help you to keep on diet.

  1. It is a bow-tie shaped pasta

There is a unique size and shape of farfalle pasta which can be describe as a butterfly shaped pasta. It comes from Italian world which is farfalle means butterflies. No wonder if it is look alike a bow-tie or butterfly on bowl.

  1. One of the traditional dinner menus

A creamy farfalle often served with spinach, caramelized onions, mushroom, and other seasoning or topping. In fact, people from Italy would love to eat this kind of food for their dinner as a comfort cuisine. They are combining between this unique shaped pasta with parmesan sauce which is really tasty and creamy.

  1. An old recipe

Many people wonder about the year when people started to consume this pasta in Italy. History said if farfalle pasta does exist during the 16th century, which located in Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna region or known as the northern part of Italy.

  1. Cream sauce and tomato-based sauce characteristic

People in Italy would say if pasta is become one of their main food every day. There is many different kind of pasta which you can find in every store. One of the popular pastas is created with a gluten free ingredient. Except it is quite healthy, it is also safe enough to protect your weight once you were on diet.

How to Cook Farfalle Pasta

  1. Caramelizing onion that would take around 30 minutes. You need to wait until it get a deep brown and nice color.
  2. You can start to cook the mushrooms while adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Once you finish with the mushrooms, start to add spinach inside and you need to stir until it gets wilts.
  4. While waiting, try to make a creamy sauce by adding half and half also shredded parmesan cheese inside of the skillet together with the mushroom and spinach.
  5. Stir them all while waiting the sauce to get simmer and melting the cheese. You can add your caramelized onion together on the skillet.
  6. The last step is to add cooked and drained pasta to the skillet together with the sauce. Reheat them on low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Facts About Creamy Farfalle Receipt

  1. One of the best Italian Pasta

If you look for the best or traditional cuisine from Italy, creamy farfalle pasta would be the best result that you may want to taste. People in Italy has so much proud about their farfalle types of pasta, almost every country having this menu in several restaurant. Coming from 16th century allow them to promote this traditional cuisine around the world and can be acceptable to anyone.

  1. Homemade receipt

No wonder if everyone in the world would love to eat this pasta every day. It has unique ingredient where you can only use any left ingredient in your house and still can be able to eat a special cuisine. There are many innovations that you can find in one bowl of farfalle, including a different type of seasoning, sauce, and the way to serve.

  1. A lot of nutrition

Since pasta almost become one of the preferable menus in the world, it is also become a very healthy food to consume. There is a lot of different kind of pasta you can find today, and a gluten free pasta still one of the best options. The nutrition can be acceptable for your body and a lot of nutrition from the sauce. Try to serve them for your family, they will love to eat the pasta again and again.

  1. Acceptable taste

Pasta can be specifying into several taste, and many countries were able to provide unique characteristic of Farfalle pasta. Most of the Asian people said, pasta from Italy taste plain and they would love to add more seasoning with Asian taste. Thus, it is very reasonable to say if pasta can be accepted by many people across the globe.

  1. Using simple ingredient

Once you do not have so much time to cook for dinner, pasta should be the best solutions during the night. It has simple ingredient and only required basic ingredient. You do not need to buy another ingredient as you can use everything to cook. It is pretty much simple with a bow-tie pasta, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, cream, onions, including parmesan cheese.

  1. Flexible taste and receipt

You do not need to confuse whether you cannot make one of the same tastes as the original pasta from Italy. Since pasta is one of the adaptable cuisines in the world, where you can innovate the ingredient and create your own version. There is many different options for seasoning process, you may add chicken, steak, seafood, beef, and other favorable side dish.

The Best Side Dish Options

  • Bread

Once you want to try for having unique taste of pasta, adding garlic bread as a side dish would be amazing. It may help you for having a creamy pasta as your dinner menu.

  • Serve with green salad

Many people are trying to improvise the ingredient of pasta. Once you cook farfalle, you may want to add some salad as a seasoning. It is one of the best combinations for healthy and dietary menu.

Once you try to eat this farfalle pasta you will never stop to think about it. This cuisine should be your unforgettable cuisine once you come to visit Italy. Thus, most of the Italian restaurant would love to serve this food for their guests. By the time, people adapting several innovations to the recipes including to add some additional topping, sauce, and some specific ingredient inside.

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